Hi, I saw your tool through Data Elixir.
I'm already using Athena and Boto3 to query my data directly in Jupyter notebook.
What catch my attention is the way to share the data. Most of my PhD fellas don't know cloud computing and Jupyter.
So your tool seems very handy to share and manipulate data.
However, the tool is not so user-friendly. I mean it is too small to write a query. If you work with Athena, BigQuery or traditional tools, you'll see it's bigger, hence more convenient to write a query. Here, it is constrained in a small box on the bottom right/left.
Same idea for the "plot chart box". Too small, and cannot see anything. For a quick look, Kaggle interactive is better.
I really like the idea of the product, but it is yet not easy to work with, and especially for newbies who are not familiar with cloud computing technologie.
keep up!